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Internet Security

Bobcat Open Systems, Inc. offers great personalized internet security.

For many years we have encountered many security threats to servers and workstations, to ours and our clients' machines, so we know how to set things up to maximize utility and minimize vulnerabilities. We use a variety of intrusion detection and log analysis tools to prevent or remediate attempted attacks on your system.

We detect repeated intrusion attacks that aim to get access to your server. After several failed attempts, it blocks the intruder and sends an email to me and/or other administrators, reporting the event. When we get one of those, we send a complaint to the administrator of the network the intruder comes from, and the admin is expected to take action to take the offending machine off the network. If that fails to get results, we block the whole network. Intrusions we detect include direct terminal access, email server access for sending spam, and website fishing expeditions that look for vulnerable or improperly configured scripts.

We stay abreast of current security trends from both the attack and defense aspects, so we keep our systems and yours as secure as possible.

Bobcat Open Systems' happy clients will be glad to provide references on request.

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