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Do you need customized solutions for your business?

Bobcat Open Systems, Inc. assists your company in finding the appropriate solution for your information management challenges, whether it's choosing the right hardware, commercial or open source software, or a custom solution. We set up and service databases, client-server, stand-alone, and automated processes. We have the experience it takes to fit the right tool to the job.

Bobcat Open Systems, Inc. has a pricing schedule to fit your needs, be it fixed-fee, cost-plus, or hourly rates.

Here's an example of what one of our clients thinks about us.

"I have depended on Bob's skills in Linux and other *nix variants for longer than either of us cares to remember. Bob's skills are outstanding, but his work ethic, and personable integrity put him in a category by himself. Bob is a genuine pleasure to work with and he has the patience of Job. When Bob says he can do the job, just check it off the list, because it is done!"

Mike Willey - CTO, Paragon Innovations, Inc.

Service Category: Linux / *nix Software Development
Years: 1994 - Current
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

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